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Graphic Tool Corporation

Graphic Tool Corporation is a plastic injection mold maker, located in suburban Chicago, Illinois, specializing high-volume, multi-cavity plastic injection molds serving customers worldwide. Graphic Tool has been in business for over 30 years. We create plastic injection molds for some of the world's largest manufacturers.

Our ability to create high-volume plastic injection molds, molds (moulds) that assure manufacturers of the lowest possible production cost, is legendary.

You've probably used a product from a plastic container we manufactured the injection mold for…

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√ If you've used an aerosol spray, you've used a product molded in one of our plastic injection molds.

√ If you've used a prescription pill container, you've used a product molded in one of our plastic injection molds.

√ If you've used a cosmetic product, that product was probably molded in one of our plastic injection molds.

How Do We Do It?

 The Best Management Team in the Business

All of our managers have at least 20 years of plastic injection mold making experience. Our experience comes from working with some of the largest plastic injection mold makers in the world. Even our Chief Financial Officer, has over 20 years of experience in the tool and die industry. 

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Employees Who Truly Care

Measuring the Dimensions of a Mold

Experienced management helps but it doesn't necessarily get the job done. Our employees truly care about the work they create.

The types of projects we specialize in, high-volume production plastic injection molds, are each truly unique. It takes a special talent plus years of tool and die making experience to deliver high-volume plastic injection molds that will consistently produce a part seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year.

Our customers expect it. 

And we don't let them down.

Complex Plastic Injection Molds and Tight Lead Times

The most modern equipment and technology are vital to our ability to build such highly complex molds while maintaining tight lead times. We upgrade all of our equipment and software on a regular basis, due to "rapid changes" in processing speeds. All of our CNC machines have tool changers, our EDMs have electrode changers and we had a robotic system installed to service our high-speed electrode cutting machines. We also keep all of our computerized machinery and EDMs technologically up-to-date.

TS2 9616 GraphicTool

The Graphic Tool Advantage

We have the confidence, backed by years of experience, to deliver what you need…

…when you need it…

…without comprises…


Just ask our customers…



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