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Graphic Tool is a company with a vision for a strong future, built on plastics professionals. To that end, we are continuously investing resources helping the community to build stronger training programs through outreach programs to the local schools, summer internships, partnerships with the local trade associations, and more.

Graphic Tool team under thirtyGraphic Tool's future leaders start learning here in our hands-on apprenticeship program

Partners with the Leading Plastic Injection Mold Making Trade Associations

Trade associations play a crucial role in the development of the plastic injection mold industry. The American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) is the leading trade association and Graphic Tool has a long history of participation. Through hundreds of volunteer hours, Graphic Tool has helped to develop educational standards for experienced mold makers as well as students.


American Mold Builders Association Round Table Discussion

A co-ordinated voice of plastic injection mold makers

AMBA members are companies that build tools, dies and molds for injection, blow, compression, thermoform and other molding applications, and AMBA Partners are companies that serve and support the mold manufacturing industry.

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American Mold Builders Association Education Committee

As an active member of the AMBA Education Committee (Chicago Chapter), Graphic Tool is helping to promote, support and develop young careers for aspiring mold makers, machinists, and tool and die makers.

As part of this collaborative effort, a special interest website has been created, MoldYourCareer.org, encouraging students, interns and apprentices considering a career in the mold making industry. A mold maker with a four year apprenticeship and experience can often make $80,000 or more per year. There are wonderful opportunities to develop a challenging career with great pay.

With the widespread introduction of computers in every aspect of manufacturing, mold makers have a need to increase their computer programming skills. Today's mold makers are required to have all of the traditional skills of a machinist or a tool and die maker plus substantial computer programming skills. The requirements to become a mold maker are difficult and the job is challenging to master.

Become a Mold Maker and Touch Millions of Lives

In this video meet 17 individuals involved in plastic injection mold making to learn more about this interesting and rewarding career.

Technology and Manufacturing Association Training and Course Development

Manufacturing careers in mold making

The Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA) develops and trains tomorrow's manufacturing personnel. The plastic injection mold making industry has suffered a shortage of qualified professionals to fill shop floor vacancies. Most students do not realize that items they use every day are being designed, prototyped, modeled, manufactured and assembled inside local manufacturing facilities.

Today's manufacturing environments are clean, air conditioned and well lit. Over the last 50 years our technology has dramatically changed and manufacturing has kept paced.

The National Manufacturers Association reports that, in 2014, the average manufacturing position paid over $79,000 a year with full benefits.

TMA Education Foundation

In the last 25 years the TMA Education Foundation has donated more than $1.3 million to purchase machinery, develop curriculum and awards scholarships, in an effort to train tomorrow's manufacturing personnel.

The TMA Education Foundation creates a link between today's manufacturers and tomorrow's potential employees. This relationship is an investment in the future.

Training under the TMA-IMEC (Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center) covers five areas of concentration - Continuous Improvement, Innovation, Sustainability, Supply Chain, and Workforce. The goal of the TMA-IMEC alliance is to create innovative, world-class manufacturers.

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