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The Graphic Tool Advantage

The leading expert in designing and manufacturing high-cavity, ultra-precise, plastic injection molds.

Examples of parts injection molded in tools from Graphic Tool

Today’s manufacturing environment places ever-increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

It has never been more important to choose a plastic injection moldmaker that can deliver results time after time.

Graphic Tool delivers.

Delivers high-volume, long-lasting, low-maintenance plastic injection tools.

Graphic Tool is the leading expert in designing and manufacturing high-cavity, ultra-precise, plastic injection molds.

Plastic injection molds that deliver results 24 hours a day, seven days a week for years of production.

This is the Graphic Tool Advantage.

Engineering that Goes Above and Beyond

Collaborative approach to EngineeringEngineering is the heart of the Graphic Tool Advantage.

Instead of simply evaluating specification and appearance, Graphic Tool’s engineers start by evaluating your production processes. Utilizing Siemens NX software, Graphic Tool transforms the development process with integrated design, simulation, and manufacturing. Seamlessly taking your projects from concept to production in a single environment. Supported by collaborative key decisions throughout the development process.

Getting you into production fast.

You success is assured because, by utilizing a unique single-cavity pilot mold process, concept validation occurs concurrently as work is begun on the production mold.

New concepts are evaluated for faster cycle times and greater waste reduction. Graphic Tool’s cellular manufacturing process optimizes workflow by utilizing the latest in robotics and automation.

Graphic Tool employs the best people and machines in the industry, assuring fast delivery and dimensional accuracy.

Achieving Dimensional Accuracy in the Largest Multi-cavity Plastic Injection Molds

Robotic AutomationWith the Graphic Tool Advantage consistent results can be expected from a four-cavity mold, an 8-cavity mold, a 16-cavity mold, a 32-cavity mold, a 64-cavity mold, even a 128-cavity mold and beyond.

  • Every mold and every mold cavity is completely validated again as an assembly;
  • dimensional accuracy is verified;
  • operating parameters are carefully documented; and
  • mold manuals are completely reviewed for accuracy.

Global Support

Global support ensures that no matter where in the world your mold is installed, it can be easily serviced with direct replacement parts from Graphic Tool.

The Graphic Tool Advantage

The Graphic Tool Advantage is your assurance that your plastic injection mold will be in production quickly and producing parts within specifications. Consistent, accurate plastic injection parts from your first production cycle through the millionth cycle - you can count on it.

 “When you need precision plastic parts in high volumes; when you need a process you can count on; Graphic Tool delivers.”

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Graphic Tool Advantage