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Integrated Design and Manufacturing Software (CAD/CAM)

Multi-cavity plastic injection mold (mould)State-of-the-art 3D Solid Modeling software technology gives Graphic Tool Corp. the ability to design plastic injection molds with precise dimensions.

With our integrated software system, we maintain dimensional tolerances because design specifications are programmed directly into the tooling machine center.

We virtually eliminate mistakes, ensuring that when we cut steel, we meet the customers' exacting specifications.

Machine Tool Technology

Graphic Tool Corp. maintains the latest In Machine Tool Technology to provide greater precision, faster tooling lead times, and higher quality plastic injection molded parts with consistency and repeatability shot after shot within millionths of an inch.

As computer technology has rapidly improved, our engineering department has evolved to the point where we create a virtual 3D representation of all the components for part design and analysis. Our machinists and tool and die makers have become specialized computer programmers who achieve greater complexity, at a lower cost than previously thought possible. We deliver faster and with greater accuracy–getting your plastic injection molded parts into production fast.

√ High-cavity molds – no problem

√ Hot runners – no problem

√ Unique venting – no problem

√ Tight tolerances – no problem

√ Complex part geometry – no problem


Where others can't get it done…

…Graphic Tool Corp. can do it.

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Plastic Injection Molded (Moulded) Parts